Must Watch Killing Veerappan’s Filmmaker RGV on aha

Must Watch Killing Veerappan’s Filmmaker RGV on aha

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Killing Veerappan

It is a Kannada docudrama movie based on actual life incidents of an IPS officer. This docudrama film is written and directed by the well-known and remarkable celebrity Ram Gopal Varma. Varma, the filmmaker, focused on every detail and visuals to represent the operation cocoon held to capture or kill the Indian bandit Veerappan. The movie casts Shiva Rajkumar as the lead role to represent NK. Senthamarai Kannan, the mastermind behind the operation cocoon.

The Telugu dubbed version of this movie was released on 7 January 2016. The film was produced by B V Manjunath, BS Sudhindra, and E Shivaprakash. Ravi Shankar does the cinematography, and Ali Anwar does the editing. Ravi Shankar gives the music. Going to the plot of the movie:

Veerappan is a forest brigand involved in kidnapping, smuggling, and terrorizing Andhra Pradesh and other states. He had his small army to dominate the government and security forces. He is among the most wanted criminals for killing almost 180 people, most of whom were police officials. He killed and poached 200 elephants to earn a fortune.

Veerappan killed the renowned forest officer P. Srinivas with his close associate Intel Gandhi. Soon his associate was killed by the special task force. Veerappan seeks revenge from the task force by misleading them on an operation and killing them all.

After this miserable failure and assassination, the chief of STF appointed an undercover IPS spy to start the operation cocoon under his master plan and strategy. He used a vast network of tribals and informers to know everything about Veerappan. He was assisted by a team of loyal undercover cops too. The group of officials, cops, and IPS Gopalakrishnan headed towards the route to defeat Veerappan.

The Veerappan gang had planned the road route with landmines in more than 14 places to surprise their enemies. This Palar mine blast, caused severe fatal injuries to IPS and other officials leaving the team with no other choice than retaliation.

After many failed attempts, the STF team led by master strategist IPS officer succeeded in escorting and kills Veerappan on 18 October 2004. He was accompanied out of the forest by Kumar. After that, Veerappan and his men were boarded on an ambulance and warned to surrender themselves. With their denial of surrender and attack officials, the STF team countered back with grenades and gunfire that killed Veerappan and his men.

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